Fees – Individual / Family

Fees range from $180 to $200 (inc GST) for a standard 50 minute session dependent on which Psychologist you see. With a GP referral, you may be entitled to a Medicare rebate which varies depending on the endorsement of the provider (e.g., clinical psychologists receive a higher rebate). Pls ask our admin team for further information when booking your appointment.

Fees – Group

Fee’s range for group therapies and this can be ascertained when enquiring or booking in for a group. Typically group therapy will run for 10 sessions.

With a GP referral, you may be entitled to a Medicare rebate.

Fee Payment

Fees are payable at the end of the session by cash or EFTPOS, and in some cases Direct Deposit. You may be able to access a rebate for services if you are a member of a Private Health Care Fund or have been issued with a current Mental Health Care Plan from your treating General Practitioner (GP) or Psychiatrist. Medicare Rebates can be claimed directly at Cairns Psychologists’ office at time of payment.

Medicare Rebate

The MHCP will enable you to receive a significant rebate off your fee. To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, you will need to be issued with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), by your treating practitioner. Your GP will assess your eligibility prior to your initial consultation with a treating psychologist. If eligible, your GP will prepare a MHCP referral (referral letter and Mental Health Care Plan). A MHCP permits individuals to access rebates for a maximum of ten sessions of both individual and group therapy sessions, per calendar year. 

Please Note: It is not necessary to obtain a referral from your treating practitioner to access psychological services.

Private Health Fund Rebate

Each Private Health Care Fund differs in terms of accessible rebates for psychological treatment. Please contact your provider to discuss what entitlements, if any, are available to you.