Here at Introspect Psychology Group we offer a number of assessments for individuals including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessment and Cognitive assessment.

Child ASD Assessment
ASD assessment is provided using the ADOS-2.
It comprises of a 2 part assessment:

  1. Parent only Interview 2 hours ($400)
  2. Child assessment the following week – approximately 1 hour — $1000
    A report is written by the assessing psychologist. Allow up to 4 weeks for report. Children 12 years and under are entitled to a rebate with a paediatrician referral.

Adult ASD Assessment

Includes screening and assessment measures

2 -hour interview/appointment

Comprehensive assessment report
$1000 (Clinical Psychologist- no rebate applicable)

$800 (Psychologist- no rebate applicable)

Concession rates may be available for cardholders- enquire at reception.

Cognitive Assessment
This is conducted using the WISC V
1 hour child interview and 1 hour parent interview/online questionnaire (allow 2 hours)

$1200 total (no rebate)

Functional Assessment
Assessment of function, measures adaptive behaviours (which directly effect function). This can be used for NDIS funding requests – it assesses the degree to which the autism effects overall functioning.

$150 – no rebate
Further enquiries can be made with the admin team.