Who we see

At Introspect, we see people of all ages, across the lifespan.  While all our psychologists are experienced in treating adults individually, we also have psychologists who have additional training, interest, and expertise in treating children, adolescents, older adults, couples, and families.

Children and Families

A number of our psychologists have a special interest and expertise in working with children and teenagers.  Our psychologists work with school age children only (we currently do not have psychologists available who will work with children under 6 years of age).

For children less than 13 years old, initial appointments generally involve the parent/s only to gather for a comprehensive development assessment before seeing the child.  While confidentiality is very important in our work with children, our psychologists will encourage open communication between child and parents to ensure the child and family’s needs are best met.  In cases where it is considered appropriate, other family members may be involved in the work.

Consent obtained from both parents is considered the ideal (this is the case with separated families, where this is appropriate). Our psychologists do not prepare reports for family law cases, nor engage with legal parties regarding access or custody.

Currently, Sandra Burnett, Anisha Smith, Emma Cameron, Dr Sabrina Abney, Sarah McPharlin, Janet Longmuir are our psychologists working with children and adolescents. John Lukies and Elisabeth Pohl work with adolescents.  


A number of our psychologists have a special interest and expertise in working with couples.  When working with couples, our psychologists consider the client to be the relationship, rather than either individual.  In some cases, our psychologist may recommend that one or both individuals within the relationship seek individual therapy to resolve a psychological issue so that the relationship can develop and progress. In these cases, a referral to another psychologist within the practice can often be arranged. 

Suzanna Copp, Tendai Chirawu and Stavroula Surdich provide couples therapy.

Older Adults

While all our psychologists have an interest and expertise in working with older adults, both Stavroula Surdich and Jenni Green have particular expertise gained from many years of experience working with older adults.